About Me

I'm a university student from Brazil, currently taking up Computer Science at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. I'm a hobbyst game developer, with 4 years of experience with Unity, one game published on the Google Play Store, and a intermediary knowledge of C, C++ and C#. I like to develop retro and dynamic games, and my areas of interest are game programming, computer graphics and AI for games.





Paper Hero

Paper Hero (2014)

Adventure yourself as an animated drawing in the classroom! Paper Hero was made to be presented at a cultural fair at high school in 2014. It was developed in Unity, and I was responsible for all the game development except for the characters drawings.

The footage shown is the version with improved lighting and models I made some years later, not the one presented in 2014. Download
Tanks Vs Invaders garage

Tanks Vs Invaders (2016)

Destroy the invaders, avoid deadly lasers and fight for the destiny of the Earth! Tanks vs Invaders is a simple arcade game created in Unity, with models made in Blender and textured in Photoshop.

Avaliable on Google Play!

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Vopix Engine

Vopix Engine (2017/2018)

Vopix is an isometric voxel engine programed in C and OpenGL, created in my spare time to improve my C skills, to learn the inside works of an game engine and to grasp the basics of computer graphics. It features:

  • ECS architecture
  • Voxel rendering in a pixel art style
  • Dynamic lights and directional shadows
  • Primitive kinematic and dynamic physics
See on Github
Not Rocket Science

Not Rocket Science (2018)

Help a little green spaceship return to its home! Orbit the planets with oxigen to recharge the hyperdrive and avoid being pushed by the unstable hot planets.

Not Rocket Science was made in two weeks for an assignment of the Development of Digital Games course at UFMG using GDevelop, with sprites made in Blender.

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Evil Corp. (2018)

In a future where an evil mega corporation dominates the world, the player enters the role of a heavily armed robot sent by the worldwide resistance to destroy the Evil Corp HQ.

Evil Corp. was made as final project of the Development of Digital Games course at UFMG with Unity, featuring a custom voxel/pixel art rendering system and destructible scenario.

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